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Depression treatment for mental resilience

Are you struggling with depression that traditional treatments haven’t helped? We offer a new approach: evidence-based, medicine-assisted therapy. We can help you find lasting relief and regain control.

Understanding our alternative cure for depression

We understand the challenges of treatment-resistant depression. Our approach combines regulated, medicine-assisted therapy with traditional techniques to target the root cause of depression.

This research-backed approach may help you develop mental resilience, allowing you to manage depressive thoughts and emotions more effectively.

What we treat

We provide effective therapy for a variety of depression conditions, including:


A category of mental health diagnosis that includes excessive nervousness, fear, and worry.


A mood disorder that may be described as thoughts and feelings of sadness, loss or helplessness.


There are a few different types of eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.


PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can develop after experiencing a traumatic, frightening or distressing event.

Why choose Klearwell to treat depression?

Our process connects new treatments with traditional therapy. Under the care of professionals and informed by years of scientific research, we’ll guide your loved one through the steps that will let them take their life back. With the safety and space to disassociate from triggering events, their brain will learn new connections that let them move on from those that held them back, turning their mental health into mental resilience.

Rediscover your strength

With our science-backed approach, we transform thinking and behaviour and unlock long-lasting improvements.

Embrace a new perspective

Discover fresh insights with our innovative therapy, reshaping how you view and respond to challenging experiences.

Personalised treatment program

We offer personalised treatment plans tailored by experienced clinicians to ensure effective and appropriate care.

Experience professional support

Feel safe and supported with our expert guidance through your mental health challenges.

How we help treatment-resistant depression

We combine medicine with therapy to help them break free from negative patterns. Our experienced team will create a personalised plan to guide them them towards lasting recovery – all in a safe and supportive environment. See our step-by-step process below.

Complete the self-referral form and attend a medical assessment to make sure the treatment is right for you.

Preparing for your sessions is key. This time is used to discuss the goals and expectations of your treatment.

Supervised by medical professionals, dosing sessions aim to facilitate potential breakthroughs and insights.

With your therapist’s support, you will explore and process insights gained during the dosing, helping you integrate emotions and thoughts from the treatment.

This final step is an opportunity to reflect and compare pre- and post-treatment states, a chance to discuss your progress and any further treatment that may be required.

Considering treatment?

Ready to take the next step? Our personalised care plans help individuals, families and healthcare professionals. Explore your options below.

For individuals

You are not alone in your mental health journey. Take the first step towards healing and start your self-referral today.

For friends, family & carers

Help your loved one find the care they deserve. Refer them to our expert mental health services today.

For healthcare professionals

Let us support your patients’ mental health with our specialised care. Refer them to us and see the difference it makes.

Contact us

Our clinic team is always happy to hear from you.

You may find all the help you need in our FAQs, but if you still have questions please contact us using the form below or give us a call on +44 207 387 2596.

Frequently asked questions

How does Klearwell therapy work?

We offer a course of therapy in combination with a medicine that is an NMDA-receptor antagonist working across multiple sites in the brain. At very high doses, it acts as an anaesthetic, putting you completely to sleep. At lower doses (as we use), it creates an altered state of consciousness that, when combined with psychotherapy, allows you to carry out effective and safe treatment. It is understood to increase brain plasticity (flexibility) and connectivity, meaning it can help a person become more adaptive and open to new perspectives.

More simply, it allows your brain to react differently, which in a clinical environment, paired with talking therapy from professionals, gives you the mental space to overcome that which has held you back.

Read more about how our therapy works at Klearwell.

Do I need a referral? How can I get a referral from my GP?

You do not need a formal referral from your GP, though we will ask to see your medical record. Anyone may self-refer to the clinic to be assessed for possible treatment.

Does this therapy have any side effects?

Yes. The most common effects are feeling disassociated, and you may experience some anxiety that will pass. Our therapists will help you manage this.

Physically, you may feel lightheaded or dizzy; some describe feeling nauseous or tired.

We recommend that you fast for 6 hours before your session, and we offer a relaxed clinic where you can rest after your sessions if you wish. After a session with medication we recommend not driving or operating machinery for 24 hours.

In rare occasions, some report low mood immediately following treatment.

You must immediately inform the clinical team if you notice these experiences so we can support you. You will be closely monitored throughout your treatment, and clinicians will use a questionnaire to monitor any side effects and how long they last (most typically resolve within an hour).

Although there are concerns with any form of medication, we prioritise your safety at every opportunity.

How much is therapy at Klearwell?